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Fit for life is a unique online program developed by Angelique that helps you create a healthy living routine for life. We teach you the principles of healthy living in body and mind including nutrition, exercise and mental health techniques, and keep you accountable with a personal coach to ensure you achieve your goals. The program is simple it cuts out confusion, is affordable and highly effective with numerous testimonials.

There are no supplements to buy or difficult diet plans or fad diets and no counting calories or macros! Through this program, she has helped many women lose weight, become more confident, have more energy and feel fitter in body and mind.

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Create a long term sustainable healthy living routine for you and your family.


Get healthy in body including losing weight, toning, more energy and immunity and feeling good


Get healthy in mind feeling happy, healthy and peaceful and learning how to deal with stress.


Our 60 day program is easy to understand and apply works around your lifestyle in terms of free time and nutritional preferences, affordable program with a personal coach guiding you every day has guaranteed results (if you apply our recommendations).

Join our fantastic exercise classes from the comfort of your home. Zumba, Bollywood fitness, Bollywood dance, Yoga, Pilates, Legs bums and tums and Keep fit classes are conducted on zoom. If you cant attend live classes you can still join in with our recorded sessions. We offer such a range of classes and other exercise options too with fun dance fitness classes as above. Time and location are not an issue anymore!

There is so much confusion around healthy foods and so we clarify it all for you based on research and nutrition qualifications. Learn about healthy foods, plan your meals, check out healthy recipes for your favourite junk foods and more.

Without mental health we cannot be healthy. We teach you easy techniques to deal with stress and take care of your mental health.




Angelique's Journey

Fit for Life is a healthy living programme created by Angelique Parvez, a qualified fitness instructor and certified nutritionist. Angelique started looking for ways to get fitter after having her children. Initially to lose weight but later through other challenges understood that health is about body AND mind. Mental health is key to being healthy and achieving our goals.

With her passion for dance and fitness, Angelique discovered fantastic results for herself when she combined it with healthy eating. She lost weight which she wasn’t able to shift going to the gym. She felt happier and had an outlet to de-stress. In addition she saw other programmes being marketed that were unhealthy, purely commercial, confusing, expensive and difficult to follow, so she created a programme that was based on a few simple principles that could create along lasting lifestyle change to maintain weight loss, long after it had been achieved.